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Hi all;

I'm undergoing the process to bless another pendent and this one's a little special; it's a Feoh rune ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fe_(rune) ) and obviously, I want the enchantment/charm to be related to wealth, more specifically emotional/metaphysical wealth (of happiness, friendship, etc.)

I was wondering if anyone had any particular spell ingredients or things that they enjoy using for wealth spells and such, and also if there were any innovative ideas for the energy work with this intent and special case?

Thank you!

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Hello again!
I've been looking for a good spell to increase charisma or self confidence.
Any spells/ideas?
Thanks. (:

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 I am going to do another full moon cleansing/blessing ritual on the 18th of JULY 2008..  

The last month brought such a great response (over 50 people who wanted some positive light)  that I have decided to continue on with this idea..

If you would like some positive energy sent your way please reply back to this thread via a comment and I assure you I will write your name down and focus my energy that night for you..

You are also, more than welcome to join me in this ritual this night by simultaneously joining in and doing your own ritual at home.. (the invocation can be found on my LJ homepage if you wish to use it)  

We all need positive energy in our lives. =) BELIEVE IN KARMA.

Blessed be friends.
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I really enjoyed this experience with you all!  i feel very empowered and i hope you will have positive energy flowing through you soon!!

for all that wanted to be involved and help out ..thank you! you know who you are.. and like i said, a simultaneous energy flow does not harm anyone but is better for all..

for all that have wanted their name put down for the blessing.. i did not forget you!! i promise you this =) i had written eveyone who wanted to be written down and others also that they wanted positive energy too as well.. it was a FANTASTIC RESPONSE and i applaude everyone for pushing this energy forward to people.. yes.. believe in karma.. =)

i propose we do this ritual MONTHLY =) what do you all suggest??  i'll keep everyone posted (always a month in advance) so that there is time to gather names.. 


Blessings friends..
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 I'm not sure if I am the only one who experiences this.. maybe because my clairsentient ability is quite high, im not sure..

When I am talking to someone and or consulting with them I can easilty tune in to what they are feeling and react according to it.  

I'm only asking because I had a person who I was reading for yesterday who was very very emotionally upset-
 to the point of being angry and mad at her situation and just couldn't see the clairity that I was trying to offer her..

It was so hard for me to get rid of her energy link after the reading, that had to take a breather -literally- outside, to get in touch with natures natural positive energy and balance myself once again.

So here is the discussion question to which I am posting now.

 Q:   How do you as an empath get rido of the psychic link after the session is complete?

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Hi there,

Just want to write a final general post to anyone else who is interested in having a cleansing/ blessing and healing for them and others they have named.

My first initial posting about this was close to a month ago and I feel blessed by the amount of people whe had replied and asked to have their name written down.  Thank you once again for accepting the positive energy i am sending out into the world and know that I will focus all my naural talents and abilities on your name when the time comes.

If anyone else is interesting for me to send positive energy out your way, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

What a beautiful night it will be when the ritual is performed! 

Blessed be

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Wish you the best

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A great little spell I just cooked up that I'm going to try with a friend tomorrow. It uses Ginger root to symbolize a lucky, preferably affluent man, and a juicy red apple to bind mutual love. Also uses a couple of other ingredients, check it out!

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History: archangel Raphael is in charge of healing.
Request his assistance to accomplish your healing and protect you before, during and after

Archangel Raphael healing spell (1)
Usually use to support you when you're casting an healing spell

Call Raphael:

Archangel Raphael filled with mercy 
please hear my call
vanquisher of demons
protector of travelers
endowed with healer's grace
help all who implore your assistance
please help me with: (fill the blank)

From: the elements encyclopedia of 5000 spells

Note: I wanted to add some spells here but i just got my new spells book so I wanted to try them before I can suggest some of them for you...
Here's the first I ever try from it... 

I didn't remember if I ever introduce myself here or not, but I've been reading and comment for a while now. About my paradigm, I didn't practice any witches' religion but I believe in many things... But, my eath witch's spell book choose me for some reasons... so I believe it got some reasons...

Good evening everyone.


ps.: my english is not perfect yet but I'm still working on it...

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Hi (:
I'd like to know if pendulum 'divination' works.
I bought one and I know how to use it, but I just want to know if it really works.
In case that it doesn't work... is there any other methods?
Thanks :D 
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