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Looking for spells?

Do you have spells you want to share with others or get input on ways to improve them?

Have you ever requested a spell in a community and been self-righteously rebuffed or told that the spell you wanted was against Wiccan ethics?

Are you tired of joining pagan communities in search of spell ideas only to discover that most of the posts are not, in fact, spells?


1. First, please, please, do not behave like children. Witchcraft has been called (mostly by the mainstreamers, but not altogether ignorantly) the Craft of the Wise. Wise people do not sling needless, petty hatred.

So let me make this clear: pick a fight somewhere else.

Everyone has a different theory about why spells work and how to write them. This is not exactly a quantifiable hard science. There are plenty of pagan communities for debating various different ideas about the Craft. By all means, go find one and tell them exactly what you think of what they think. Debate is a good thing. But that debate is not what this community is for. There's nothing to argue about. A spell is a spell. Take it or leave it. Use it or don't. You're smart people. Don't insult your own intelligence by insulting someone else's. It takes no imagination or insight to belittle another person for their beliefs. When you spend all your time criticizing other ideas, people start to wonder if you have any of your own. If you don't like a spell posted here and you think you could do it better, more power to you. But put your money where your mouth is and post your own.

2. ALL posts must include a spell. But "spells" can include pagan recipes, rituals, tarot spreads, incense recipes and the like. Any off-topic post will be deleted immediately.

3. Most importently, you can post any kind of spell you want, as long as it is legitimate and not an obviously a mockery of witchcraft.

Finally, all posts as of May 24, 2006 must be friends-only. This community now has moderated membership. I really did not want to do this, but things have gotten a little out of hand. If you request to join, odds are, you'll get in. If your journal is very new, has no history or you have been banned, odds are, you won't. If for some reason you were rejected (and that should happen only very rarely, I don't want to make it difficult for people who want to be here to join) and you feel that I have made a mistake, please e-mail me and we will try to work it out.

We are not snobs here. If you practice some of the more controversial forms of witchcraft, we will not lecture you about the ethics of what you are doing. This is not to imply that we don't have ethics here, but we do acknowledge that not everyone has the same moral code, not everyone lives by the same philosophy, not everyone practices the same belief system. If you come in preaching, you will be mocked and if you cry about it you will be referred to this very sentance:

Don't say you haven't been warned.

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