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Ok...so my sister and her fiancee broke up about eight months ago and she's just not getting over it.  In not getting over it, she's making everyone around her miserable.  She's still (even after eight months) crying all the time and when she's not crying she's biting everyone's head off for not understanding what she's going through.  She lives with my parents and I (yes...we're both grown women living at home with our parents), but she's ruining Christmas/Yule for all of us, including people who don't live with us.

I have a spell for the healing of another person, but it doesn't seem like what I'm looking for and I'm getting pretty desperate...

Any ideas?

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For the purposes of replacing bad energies with good.

1 black "vacuum" candle
1 white "radiant" candle
1 tarot card showing the conflict you want to be rid of
1 tarot card showing the situation you want to have instead

1.) Set the black and white candle on either side of your space, the vacuum candle on your left and the radiant candle on your right.
2.) Place the conflict card face-up in front of the vacuum candle
3.) Place the good situation card face-down in front of the radiant candle.
4.) Light the black candle first, and chant three times

Candle black, of void and peace
Make this that I suffer cease

5.)Light the white candle next and chant three times

Candle white, love and good will
With your light the darkness fill

6.) Now chant

Candle black and candle white
Flack will lack and light will fight
I now command this sorrow do
by love transform so all is new

7.)Turn the conflict card face-down and say:

Make this that I suffer cease

8.) Turn the good situation card face up and say:

Make this that I see increase

9.) Meditate as the candles burn, continue chanting the chant in step 6.
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Time: Waxing gibbous moon
Space: Anywhere private; doesn't need much room

- a pair of bivalve shells, about palm-sized
- a rose quartz or moonstone, about thumbnail sized
- materials to make a poppet of the intended target (poppet will be smaller than the bivalve)
- binding material sympathetic to the caster, (like a long lock of hair, or a ribbon with your name printed on it)
- rose petals or other matter corresponding to the intended effect
- melted wax, or better yet a glue gun

1.) In making the poppet, it need not be person-shaped, it could just be a small pillow, as long as one gets the feeling of the person-- how s/he experiences the world from the inside with his/her senses, traits and behavior that makes this person unique, and the aura generated from him/her to the outside. Do not sew up yet.
2.) Put the stone inside the poppet, smearing the stone with your essence and the intended feeling you want this person to have towards you. Get a feel of how everything you felt out for while making the poppet, is changing with this introduction.
3.) If this person is still in a condition you want post-introduction of the idea of you, sew up the poppet and go on to step 4. If not, ground all energies and fix up.
4.) Begin binding, to encourage or affirm a change in this person's actions to your benefit, in addition to the stone's transformation of his/her thoughts and emotions.
5.) Line the bivalves with the rose petals and whatnot, each representing an aspect of the kind of relationship you both will have together.
6.) Fit the bound poppet inside the shells, and glue or wax the shell halves shut.

When you want to break the spell, simply break the shell, cut the binding, burn the filler with the poppet, scatter the ashes to the wind (preferably to the ocean), and soak the stone left over in saltwater and baking soda during a waning moon until it becomes new.
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I recently got a copy of "Instant Magick" by Christopher Penczak. I've heard that Llewellyn writers are too commercial to be reliable, but I've found Penczak very insightful. He wrote, "Many people think of spells as scientific formulas. Once concocted, they will always work, for anyone. But magick... takes a personal connection to the forces of the universe to work. No matter how perfectly you execute a spell technically, if you do not have an energetic connection to the universe on some level, little will happen." Based on this principle, however, the spells in that book I found just had a mess of correspondents thrown in with the concept. They were creative concepts, to be sure, and I suppose ritualizing them would defeat the title, but let's just say I was inspired... the following spells are based off Penczak's, but the commentary is mine.

Bearnap BreathingCollapse )

Tummo LiteCollapse )

+2 Astral Sword of Infidelity DetectionCollapse )
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I've been a member here since the community was created. I've mostly lurked and popped up to ask a question now and then and you all have been wonderful about giving advice. I don't do much spellwork because I don't want to disturb the order of things too often; I think my last spell was in April of last year when I needed to win a scholarship. I asked for help in structuring the spell and took the advice I got and it worked out wonderfully.

I'm working something now and I thought it would be worthwhile to come by and ask for advice again. There is a project I would like to work on, but the person in charge of it is not actively looking for workers. The only way I have of contacting this person would not, under normal circumstances, result in anyone even reading my correspondence. I would like to work a spell that would either help my letter be noticed and responded to or would open up an alternate way to contact the person in charge of this project. I feel confident that once I've been noticed I can allow things to take their natural course, I just would like to help ensure that I am noticed.

For my last spell I made a totem and drew what I wanted in symbolic colors, then cast a circle and put as much energy as I could into the totem. I kept it on me for several weeks and meditated on what I wanted each night until I got the call that I had received the scholarship. Afterwards I made sure to give thanks and return the energy that I had borrowed.

I think that a variation on that would work here as well, but does anyone have other ideas or suggestions that I could incorporate?

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To make this charm, I use garlic and bay because they were the strongest herbs I could think of, but feel free to substitute with your own candle-anointing purification oils and amplifying herbs, if you really can't stand the smell. The bowls of water are just so the candle won't be left unattended, but if running water is close enough by then that's preferable. Requires some origami, which I've explained as best I could but you may still want to practice before breaking out the mojo-makers. You can use ordinary toilet tissue, or cut out a strip of the kind of tissue used for wrapping gifts -- even use a strip of wide ribbon, but those can be slippery. Named for a character in Neil Gaiman's Stardust who owned a stall of magic flowers that inspired this spell, even though those were... er... different.

- a strip of white tissue, about 5 cm by 40 cm
- length of red wool yarn, or ribbon
- very small white candle
- quartz crystal
- small clove of garlic
- leaf of bay or laurel
- boline and chopping board, or mortar and pestle
- ivory soap and two large bowls of water and a hand towel
- inky black signpen
- feel-good soundtrack (optional)
- bit of sticky tape (optional)

1.) Wrap the quartz in tissue and set it aside
2.) Crush the garlic and rub the juice on the candle to purify
3.) Light the candle, burn the garlic skins, and wash your hands very well in soap and water
4.) Let the light flicker over the tissue-wrapped crystal as you distill a feeling of peace and joy. Now's the time to play your feel-good songs, though it's better to sing it even if you're not a good singer. Even recite a chant that you wrote yourself, or simply the "Namo Guan Shih Yin Pusa" invocation.
5.) Unwrap the quartz.
6.) On the tissue with your inky pen, write along the bottom Love. Joy. Healing. Peace. Relief. or your own characters, sigils, seals, or runes to such effect.
7.) Fold tissue into a roseCollapse )
8.) You can tape the "stem" so it's less tricky to tie your yarn or ribbon around the bottom.
9.) Tie the bay leaf to the rose by holding the leaf against the rose and wrapping the string around both their "stems."
10.) Seal the magic by tying a shoelace knot.
11.) Snuff the candle and clean your tools. (This may include the candle, as extended skin exposure to garlic juice can lead to burns, rashes, or other allergic reaction.) Or let the candle burn down to a stub.

12.) Hang it over your bed to fight nightmares, decorate your desk with it, or untie the lace in times of grief or stress and let the tissue rose "bloom" and "wither" with a powerful release of positive energy. Makes a pretty and thoughtful gift, maybe coupled with this chant.

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This is based off the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, Starhawk's Banishing Ritual, some odds and ends from chaos magick, and the correspondents may be mixed up in favoring personal associations over the traditional. This also has some rhyming, which I personally find best for reaching deep into my subconscious but if you find it cheesy then feel free to simply send out vibes of the intentions. This was originally performed on the morning before the dark moon's night. If performed on the dark moon night, I would have faced West, put the Void on top, and charge from below (the Earth) instead of above, but feel free to modify it in whatever way makes you most comfortable.

Cut for lengthCollapse )

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Midsummer is absolutely my favorite Sabbat of the year. It is a night of magic, passion and unseen spirits. A fire festival, Midsummer is a perfect time for focusing on your most burning desires. The Sun is in His full glory, it is time to shine your brightest, too. This is the moment for culmination.

This is the solitary ritual I preformed last Midsummer. This year I converted it into a group ritual for my coven, the only difference is that I used a bonfire. "The Burning Cauldron" is an old trick (definitely not my invention, as those of you whom have tried it yourselves know) for creating a smaller, personal cauldron fire that is more practical for solitary work.

It is a deceptively simple spell, but it is in its simplicity that its truly advanced nature becomes a apparent. This ritual requires more focus than tools, more concentration that tradition.

I cannot believe there are people out there that need to be told the following, but for those of you have absolutely no common sense whatsoever: don't be a moron. This ritual involves fire. Avoid drapes, long sleeves, flammable surfaces and short matches. Have a little baking soda ready (PLEASE don't use water on an alcohol fire) and make sure you put the cauldron on a fireproof surface. It gets HOT. Red hot, so don't touch it. My god, what fools these mortals be.

You will need:

*Cauldron or absolutely positively fire-proof container
*Sprinkling of finely ground rose petals or passion flower
*One cup of rubbing alcohol (70%-90%)
*One part sea salt.
*Long-stem matches.

Pour a half inch layer of salt in the bottom of the cauldron or fire-safe container.

Mix in your *finely ground* herbs (USE SPARINGLY!).

Pour a layer of rubbing alcohol so that it rises just over the salt and herbs.

With a long-stem match, carefully light the cauldron.

As it burnings, chant:

"May this cauldron of fire.
"Ignite my burning desire."

As the flames rise, continue chanting louder and louder. Don't be shy. Scream, pant, sweat, shout it at the top of your lungs. Get really worked up.

As the flames begin to die down, slap your hands down on the ground and drain the excess energy.
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Please take this opportunity to share with us any midsummer spells/incenses/rituals/chants/recipes you used or wish you had used to celebrate Litha. This entry will be added to the memories.

Here's your chance to become immortal! Contribute something.

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