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June 18th 2008 cleansing/ blessing healing last update!

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Hi there,

Just want to write a final general post to anyone else who is interested in having a cleansing/ blessing and healing for them and others they have named.

My first initial posting about this was close to a month ago and I feel blessed by the amount of people whe had replied and asked to have their name written down.  Thank you once again for accepting the positive energy i am sending out into the world and know that I will focus all my naural talents and abilities on your name when the time comes.

If anyone else is interesting for me to send positive energy out your way, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

What a beautiful night it will be when the ritual is performed! 

Blessed be

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On June 6th, 2008 02:55 am (UTC), winterthunder commented:
Would it be weird to ask you to include my dog? He was diagnosed with heart failure yesterday; they're giving him 6-12 months, depending on how he responds to the meds. I'll be doing something as well, but the more the better, right? I want him to be comfortable, most of all, and it would be nice if he made it until I get back home mid-August.
On June 6th, 2008 03:52 am (UTC), oraclereader replied:
that is fine! you are absolutely right, the more positive energy there is to go out into the world for people that need it the better! blessed be and enjoy it! it will be a fantastic night!
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On June 12th, 2008 05:57 am (UTC), daveyafivixen commented:
ahhh i would love something like this. im really emotionally upset and have alot of bad energy coming from it. im really lost in this world and need some help along the way and having some positive energies coming my way would be a bigger help.
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