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Ritual for Lucky Love

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A great little spell I just cooked up that I'm going to try with a friend tomorrow. It uses Ginger root to symbolize a lucky, preferably affluent man, and a juicy red apple to bind mutual love. Also uses a couple of other ingredients, check it out!


Ginger root naturally shaped like a man
Ginger oil
Red apple
Red satin ribbon
matches, charcoal, lighter-fluid, something to smear honey with
(optional) Salt

1.) Take your salt and create a circle around the work area, being careful not to disturb the circle until you are done with the working.
2.) Light the charcoal using the lighter fluid and matches while incantating: "We call on the element of fire to bless this ritual, that we may find that which we need in plentiful bounty."
3.) Drip a few drops of ginger oil into the fire while incantating: "We call upon the powers of the ginger plant, that we may find the luck we seek"
4.)Hold up the ginger root. Say: "In this I instill my will. That I may have the luck to find a man" Hold up the apple. Say: "And love within him, for me, and love within myself for him" bind the ginger root to the apple with the ribbon. Say "May we be bound completely."
5.) Pour or smear the honey over both the apple and root while saying "I bid him and his love be sweet" Sprinkle cinnamon over the root and apple "And I bid him and his love have spice." Sprinkle ginger oil over the root and apple "And I bid him the luck to find me."
6.) Finally, throw the charm into the fire. Say and repeat three times: "As fire consumes, so may it be, the spell be cast, our will be done."
7.) Once the charm is suitably consumed douse the flames and break the circle, clearing the salt so that it no longer makes a circle.

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On April 29th, 2008 07:15 pm (UTC), maskmaster commented:
I LOVE this one. Get me a rich one!
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