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Healing spell #1

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History: archangel Raphael is in charge of healing.
Request his assistance to accomplish your healing and protect you before, during and after

Archangel Raphael healing spell (1)
Usually use to support you when you're casting an healing spell

Call Raphael:

Archangel Raphael filled with mercy 
please hear my call
vanquisher of demons
protector of travelers
endowed with healer's grace
help all who implore your assistance
please help me with: (fill the blank)

From: the elements encyclopedia of 5000 spells

Note: I wanted to add some spells here but i just got my new spells book so I wanted to try them before I can suggest some of them for you...
Here's the first I ever try from it... 

I didn't remember if I ever introduce myself here or not, but I've been reading and comment for a while now. About my paradigm, I didn't practice any witches' religion but I believe in many things... But, my eath witch's spell book choose me for some reasons... so I believe it got some reasons...

Good evening everyone.


ps.: my english is not perfect yet but I'm still working on it...

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